StatusDetail Data Type

Type that describes the execution status of a job.

Abstract Type
name data type description
startTime number Job start time (Epoch timestamp format)
endTime number Job end time (Epoch timestamp format)
stageName string The type of job run; if the original command was a workflow, this name corresponds to the particular job that is described in this status rather than the overall workflow.
status string The status of the job. Status values are specific to the job type and the resource type. See details in the product documentation online.
workflowId string If the job was started as part of a workflow, this value identifies the parent workflow.
runId string The job ID. This value distinguishes the job output from other jobs in the same workflow or in other workflows.
errorMsg string If the job failed, the first instance of an error from the log is stored as this error message.
numberSampledRows number If resource was sampled, this number indicates how many rows were used for sampling.
lastPartitionProfile boolean Set to true if just the most recent partition of a partitioned Hive was profile


This data type is abstract. The example below may be incomplete. More accurate examples can be found in subtypes pages.
  "startTime" : 12345,
  "endTime" : 12345,
  "stageName" : "...",
  "status" : "...",
  "workflowId" : "...",
  "runId" : "...",
  "errorMsg" : "...",
  "numberSampledRows" : 12345,
  "lastPartitionProfile" : true