type description
AbstractField The complete metadata for each field (column) in a data file or table.
AccessLevel Access levels are a component of user roles that describe sets of Waterline Data behaviors available on the data sources and tag domains included in a role. The access levels are hierarchical: all behaviors available to the Guest level are available to the Analyst; all Analyst behaviors are available to the Steward level; all Steward behaviors are available to the Admin level.
AssociationCount Type that describes tag association counts by state for a given tag.
AtomicField The complete metadata for each field (column) in a data file or table.
AuditEvent Type that describes the Waterline Data activities that users (including the system user) perform. They include the action, the user who performed the action, and the Waterline Data objects that are affected by the action.
AuditEventListResponse Type that wraps a list of AuditEvent objects. It includes the pagination start index and page size for returning a fixed number of audit event descriptions.
BrowseRequest The type that describes the data resource payload returned when viewing a list of resources based on their context in a file system or database. It includes the parent data resource (typically a folder or database) and pagination start and size. It can also include selections to filter the child resources based on facets.
BrowseResult Type that defines the fields to display a Waterline Data catalog entry ("data resource"), whether it is a container such as a folder or an individual file or table. Note that Waterline Data collections are described both as a container and as a single data set.
Category Enumeration that describes groupings for configuration properties. These categories are for organization and are not functional.
ConfigProperty Type that describes the configuration settings used to control Waterline Data behaviors. Properties include controls such as whether to profile files that failed previously. The information provided for each property includes the property name, the label used in the UI, a description of what the property controls, and attributes for who and how the property can be viewed or changed.
Credentials Type that describes the username and password for the current user's authenticated session. Credentials details are passed to the system, but cannot be returned.
CustomProperty Type describing a user-defined property defined for a Waterline Data entity.
DataObjectRequest Base type for Waterline Data metadata objects.
DataPartition Type representing DataPartition
DataResource Type includes all the properties that describe a database, folder, table, schema, file, or Waterline Data collection. You can add properties to a data resource using a PUT call to /entityspec/\{key\/propertygroup}.
DataResourceFlexTO DataResourceFlexTO a Transfer object used to return data for resource/metadata api
DataResourceLite Type includes all the properties that describes a lite resource Used in children array of browse and search api response.
DataSource Type including the fields that describe a data source, including source type and connection information.
DataType Enumeration of data types for Waterline Data property values. These types are Java primitive types plus string, decimal, date, timestamp, array, object, and map.
DatasetRequest Base type for Waterline Data metadata objects.
Entity Base type for Waterline Data metadata objects.
EntitySpecification Type that describes a Waterline Data object type.
ExternalSource Type that describes applications with which Waterline Data can exchange metadata. For example, connections to Cloudera Navigator or Apache Atlas are defined as ExternalSource objects.
FacetResult Type that describes a search facet, including facet category counts for the number of data resources or fields included in search results.
FacetSelection Type to indicate a filter on a search result.
Favorite Type that describes favorites, including the marked item and the time it was marked.
LineageRelations Type that describes the connection between two data resources in a lineage graph, including the operation that identifies the connection.
LoginResponse Type that provides a response to a login attempt. Successful attempts return a SUCCESS flag and message and echo the username. Failed attempts return a FAILURE flag and a message that describes the reason for failing.
LoginResult Enumeration of the possible outcomes of a login attempt, including "SUCCESS" and "FAILURE".
Member Type that describes payload for dataset add/remove member apis
Node Type that describes the operation and most recent operation execution that connects two resources in a lineage graph.
ObjectField Type that describes field-level metadata for data resources.
OpDetails Type that describes the operation executions that correspond to an operation.
PaginatedResponse2OfDataResourceFlexTO Response Payload used in dataresource/metadta api
PagingCriteria Type describing the start and size of data resource or field information in search or browse results.
PathElement Type that maps a resource identifier (key) to the unique name of the resource, including its filesystem path or parent database.
PathInfo Type that describes the location of a resource based on the data source (indicated by its name and unique identifying key) and the fully qualified path of the resource.
PathSpecification Type describing PathSpecification of a virtual-folder
Property Type that describes metadata associated with an entity. You can create additional properties to enhance the metadata stored for data resources.
PropertySpecification Type describing the attributes of properties on Waterline Data entities.
PropertyType Enumeration of property value data types.
RegexTester Type that includes the regular expression used to identify field data to associate with a tag. This type includes a sample of field data to validate the regular expression against.
ReportedField Type representing ReportedField of data resource
ResourceField Type that describes a field in a data resource, including the field name, its data type, and the unique identifying key of the data resource the field is associated with.
Role Type describing the Waterline Data access model for users. Roles include an access level, one or more data sources, and one or more tag domains.
Rule Base type for Waterline Data metadata objects.
SearchCriteria Type that describes the criteria for searching on data resources or fields. Criteria can include a keyword and/or facets.
SearchResult Type that describes the data resources or fields returned in a search. The search criteria are also included.
Semantic Enumeration of values that describe how the tag association contributes to tag association discovery.
  • "SAMPLE" tag associations indicate that the values in the tagged field are used as sample data when identifying other fields that should also be tagged with this tag.
  • "OTHER" tag associations indicate that the values in the tagged field are not used in tag discovery.
  • "ATTRIBUTE" tag associations are generated during attribute analysis. Should not be set from the REST API.
  • "ATTRIBUTE_SAMPLE" tag associations indicate that the values and/or patterns in the tagged field were used as a sample data in the attribute analysis. Should not be set from the REST API.
Semantic Enumeration of values that describe how the domain was created. Should not be set from the REST API.
  • "USER_CREATED" indicate that domain was created in UI or through the rest API. Default value.
  • "DISCOVERY_CREATED" indicate that domain was created as the result of auto-tagging.
  • "IMPORTED" indicate that domain was imported.
  • "BUILT_IN" indicate that domain is built-in, provided with installation.
Source Type that describes a parent in a lineage relationship, including the fully-qualified data resource name (path) and whether or not the data resource is a Waterline Data collection.
State Enumeration of values that describe the state of the tag association.
States indicate the following about tag associations:
  • "ACCEPTED" tag associations were created manually by a user, created through the API with state set to "ACCEPTED", or created by a tag propagation operation and subsequently approved by a user.
  • "REJECTED" tag associations were created by a tag propagation operation and subsequently rejected by a user.
  • "SUGGESTED" tag associations were created by a tag propagation operation and have not been reviewed by users.
StatusDetail Type that describes the execution status of a job.
Tag Type that describes a tag, including the tag name and properties that describe how the tag is used in tag association discovery.
TagAssociation Type that describes a tag association, including a data resource or resource and field, a tag, the state of the association, and whether or not the field data from this association is used as a reference for tag discovery (Semantic).
TagAssociationContainer Type that describes a list of tag associations.
TagAssociationView List of tag associations for this data resource. The content includes values designed to be human readable: it includes the names of the relevant items in addition to their unique keys.
TagDomain Type that describes a tag domain, including the name and description for the domain.
TagDomainContainer Type that describes a tag domain and all of the included tags.
TagRequest Type that describes the minimum properties needed to create a tag, including the tag domain (by key), the tag name, and the tag description.
TagState Enumeration of the types of tag propagation available in Waterline Data.
UpdatedUserReview Type that describes the new statistics associated with a rating on a data resource a user review for that resource has been updated. It includes the components of the updated review as well.
User Type that describes a user profile, including the user name and the roles associated with this user.
UserInfo Type that provides information about the current user.
UserReview Type that includes the components of a review, including a title, comment, and rating. The UserReview also includes the username of the person who created the review.
VirtualFolder Base type for Waterline Data metadata objects.